Invest in Yourself… If You Don’t, Who Will?

I have noticed in my practice that human beings tend to not fix something until it is broken. When people come in to therapy, it’s usually because they are in crisis, their health is poor, their relationship is over, and basically, something in their life has gotten to the point that they can not handle it anymore.

What if we were able to invest in ourselves before it came to the brink of a crisis? Just like you take your car in for a tune- up, why not check in with yourself before there is a big problem? Most people have health care coverage through their work and seeing a psychologist can be reimbursed.

But life gets the best of us. We get busy, we forget, we put it off again, until…well, we can’t handle our lives. That’s when I meet people in my office.

As a therapist, I am big on resources, and giving you things to do between our therapy sessions to help you feel better. Your life happens between therapy sessions and this is where you can practice what you have learned in therapy. Since therapy usually occurs once a week or once every other week, “homework” allows clients to start making changes, gaining insight and healing between sessions. Having a non-biased professional to hold them accountable and encourage them can be very helpful.

We often put our own needs on the back-burner, but if we have someone who is holding us accountable, we are more likely to keep the promises we make to ourselves.

I will sometimes suggest exercises such as journaling, relaxation techniques, natural supplements, communication exercises, behavioural experiments, and self-care practices to help ease my clients’ symptoms before I see them again.

On my website, there are a few books I recommend to my clients. Some of my favourites include:

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
The Five Love Languages
Co-dependency No More
Mind over Mood
10 Days To Self-Esteem

I also have a channel at where you can receive helpful tips, whether you are in therapy or not.

I provide all of these resources so that my clients can continue working on themselves long after our session together has ended. To achieve overall improvement in your life, it requires a shift in your mindset, and a commitment to bettering yourself. Going to a gym is great, but if you stop working out, your muscles will start to atrophy and you will lose the results you worked hard for. Think of your brain as a muscle. If you stop working on yourself and making steps forward you will likely start to fall back into your old unhealthy patterns.

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