Cure What Ails You… With Flowers!

Flower remedies were developed by a Dr. Edward Bach, who lived from 1897 to 1936. The underlying belief of his treatment system is that physical illness is a manifestation of underlying emotional distress. He sought to restore emotional balance, through the use of gentle, yet effective essences of flowers. These flower remedies are ingested in a diluted form. Add a drop of the remedy to spring water, and sip over a period of a few hours.

The most popular remedy is called Rescue Remedy. It is available pre-mixed in many health food stores. Cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rock rose and the star of Bethlehem make up this mixture, which is used to alleviate any form of stress, from extreme crisis to slight anxiety. It is particularly effective in situations where you feel completely overwhelmed, hopeless, or frustrated. You don’t have to know the cause of your feelings, because the remedy targets your emotions and heals your distress.

Several other flower remedies can be used alone, or in combination with a few other essences, to target specific symptoms of depression.


This remedy targets your underlying anguish, as you put on a brave face to the world. It soothes your internal suffering.


Cerato addresses your need for affirmation from others, and your low self-esteem. Take this remedy if you are lacking interest and are withdrawn.


Useful if you have the negative belief that you are incompetent. You feel that you cannot do anything, and may believe that you will buy alprazolam never accomplish your goals.


Gorse is a flower remedy that eases feelings of despair, usually occurring as a result of a trauma. Take this if you are worrying that your life will never return to normal, and you cannot see past a traumatic event, such as a death, divorce, or other significant loss.


Effective in easing general sadness and sorrow.

Red Chestnut

A prevalent symptom of depression is worry. If you worry constantly, and you experience excessive concern in your own life, as well as the lives of your friends and family, red chestnut remedy will alleviate this pervasive worry.

Rock Rose

This remedy targets irrational fears and beliefs. It is especially useful in treating terrifying nightmares.

Sweet Chestnut

If you feel alone and alienated from others, this is a soothing remedy that will relieve your anguish.

White Chestnut

Taken for obsessive thoughts, this remedy is helpful if you fixate or dwell on a certain idea.

Choosing a remedy requires a certain amount of reflection on your own emotions. Bach remedies are effective only once you pinpoint your symptoms. Read the symptoms above carefully. Create a list of how you are feeling right now, and rate each item on the list of emotions on a scale of 1-10. Target the most intense feelings first. The Bach Flower Remedies are most effective when taken in minimal combinations (no more than 5 are recommended). The Bach Flower Remedies are an effective, safe, and natural way to treat symptoms of depression.

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