Has Facebook Increased Infidelity?

We have access to more technological distractions than ever, and social media can be used to push the boundaries of what is, and is not okay in relationships.

Lawyers in the UK have claimed that 1 in 5 divorce petitions have cited information found on Facebook as a direct link to their marital breakdown. Reasons for divorce include flirty or inappropriate messages, and reconnecting with old flames via the networking site. Many people use social media to push the limits of their relationship. You can cheat discreetly while you are in the same room as your spouse. Affairs used to be challenging, because you could be overheard on the phone, caught in the physical act, and you had to vouch for your whereabouts. Now, you can cheat via mobile Facebook from the comfort of your couch. Plus, your indiscretion is password protected! While Facebook is useful for keeping in touch, it has become the perfect tool for infidelity.

We present the best of ourselves on Facebook, and show the world our most positive attributes. Friends, relatives and coworkers post photos and updates that they are proud of, and this imagery begins to seem like reality for others. Seeing that people you know are happy, in love, travelling all over the world, or enjoying professional success, can cause you to question your own life, and your relationship by comparison. You may seek to start a Facebook relationship with someone who seems to have it all together. However, once involved in a real-life relationship with that person, the picture perfect image does not last. The life displayed on Facebook is not reality.

So when you are tempted to message your ex and you tell yourself, “It’s nothing, I am just going to say hi,” be aware that this is a slippery slope. Ask yourself, “Would I share what I am doing on Facebook with my partner? If the answer is no, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.

Ask yourself what your intentions are. Maybe you are doing it to pass time or get attention or add some spice to your life but is it worth it and how would you feel if the tables were turned?

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