Intuitive Decision-Making

When faced with a decision, we often approach it from a cerebral place. We rationalize. We use our brains, create a pros and cons list, discuss it with others, think of all the possibilities and weigh the outcomes.

What if you have to make a life-changing decision? Stay in your current job or start your own business? Get a divorce? Start a family? Make that big purchase?

We tend to use our rational mind to make decisions, when what we usually want in the end is to feel good, which is emotional and not rational. So why not tap into our emotions when making decisions?

Next time you are faced with a decision, first use your buy xanax no prescription fast delivery head. It’s what you’re used to, and it will shed some light on the situation. But next, close your eyes, and feel that uncertainty in your heart. <strong>What does your heart say? In what direction does your emotion pull you?

After asking your head and your heart, sink that decision-making process down to your gut. The gut has been linked to a sort of unconscious process, or intuition. When you are in touch with your mind, heart and gut, your intuition will guide you toward the best choice for you.

We are whole beings and there are many levels to our intelligence. Incorporate the body, and not just the mind in your decision-making.

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