Let It Go

When you are feeling stressed or upset, it can be difficult to see past your own feelings.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your anxiety could simply disappear?

It may sound impossible, but you can feel your anxiety melt away, if you just choose to let it go.

We often think that in order to feel good, someone else has to change. We think things such as:

“If my boss would only stop nagging me, I would be happy.”

“If my husband would just clean up after himself, I wouldn’t be so angry.”

“Everything would be perfect if I just had a little more money.”

“I can’t believe it’s taking John so long to finish that project, what’s wrong with him?”

When we want something, and it doesn’t happen, our emotions can quickly spiral through stages of annoyance, anxiety and anger. We become consumed by the problem, until the frustration boils over. We may nag others to complete a task, and when they don’t, we shut down emotionally.

However, you can choose to let go. If there is one true thing in human relationships, it’s that we cannot expect someone else to change for our own happiness.

So choose enjoyment… choose happiness. Shift your focus to something else. Soothe your anxiety, by telling yourself, “it is not a big deal.” This self-talk technique will help you to release the hold of your negative thoughts. Remember that book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff? It makes sense… it is the key to living a happier, calmer existence.

The task will get done. You will feel calmer, and your relationships will be a lot better. So whatever is bothering you right now,

just let it go….

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