Scrap the New Year’s Resolution!

New Year’s Resolutions rarely work, so forget about them! Why?

• 1 in 3 people will make a New Year’s Resolution, and most (75%) will only stay on track for the first week of January.

• The allure of a big change in your life creates pressure, causing you to set unrealistic goals.

• When you fail at a goal you were not likely to accomplish in the first place, it leaves you feeling disappointed, defeated and guilty!

• If you truly want to achieve something, wouldn’t you be working toward it already, without a January 1st start date?

Here Are Some New Strategies:

Reflect on where you are in life, and ask yourself what else you want. Rather then a January 1st start date, ask yourself: Am I ready to give up something from one part of my life to achieve my goals in another?

For example, you may have to sacrifice an hour of sleep to go for a morning run or give up dinner with your family to get that promotion.

If you aren’t willing to sacrifice anything, then practice acceptance for what you have! Just accept the way your life is right now, for the time being. Once you accept you will automatically feel less guilty and as a result, happier!

Give yourself permission to not yet set a goal until you are willing to sacrifice. Let go of the guilt of not yet making changes. Embrace what you have in your life right now.

For more information on setting realistic, achievable goals, watch my interview on CTV News this week.

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