Take Time Out to Treat Yourself!

We do so much for others that we can often forget to take care of ourselves. You may end up giving your whole day to your employer, and your entire night to your family. Self-care is so important, and you must remember to treat yourself well, or you will have nothing left to give to others.

Especially during the holidays, you can simply run out of steam due to physical and mental fatigue. To avoid burn-out, incorporate some restorative time into your schedule. If it makes you feel better, do something relaxing, or to let loose, have some fun!

If you feel stressed, anxious or upset, let it all out by:

Dancing around your home to your favourite songs
Singing in the shower

Or, if you simply need some buy xanax no prescription generic time to relax,

Have a luxurious bath
Order you favourite meal and share it with a friend or partner
If you are in a rush, take just 5 minutes to savour a decadent chocolate (it will release endorphins!)
Bake bread or something sweet (even if it’s from a box) – The aroma will comfort and relax you
Have a night in and watch all of your favourite movies

Remember that you only have a few weeks left to use your benefits, so get those massages, and talk to someone about the stress you are facing. You will often get reimbursed in just a few weeks!

Above all, maintain boundaries when feeling stressed. You cannot be everything to everyone, you’re just one person! Take care of yourself over this holiday season!

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