How to Help Your Child Handle Back to School Stressors?

Last week we talked about ways to deal with the Back to School/Work Blues, and some strategies were suggested to help you to overcome your fear and worries. Now that you have mastered tips for yourself, it’s time to help those you love – your children!

If you tend to be anxious about going back to work after a vacation this summer, think about how your children must feel: going into a new environment, knowing potentially nobody; and their destiny in a year is basically held in the hands of the teacher, not to mention various social issues like peer pressure and bullying…

Theoretically, your children’s Back to School Blues could be ten times worse than yours.

Try the following tips to help your kids feel secure and ready:

  • Talking About Going to School: Talk to your children a couple of weeks before the first day of school. This would serve 2 purposes:
    • Give Them Expectations: You can talk about the new learning materials, new classrooms, new teachers and most importantly, growing up.
    • Offer Them Your Support: Ask them about their concerns and worries about school, and also positive things, order xanax online from canada such as things that they achieved in the previous year that they are proud of. Let them know that no matter what happens, they can count on your support.
  • Walk Through: This is important especially if your children are going to a new school. Take them to the new school and visit the different classrooms.
  • New Friends: Find out who will be in your children’s new class. Always arrange play dates beforehand. That way, your children can go to school on the first day knowing that there will be someone to stick together with.
  • Back to School Shopping: If it gets you excited thinking about shopping, it works the same way for kids.
  • Practice Their Normal Routines: Ban sleep-ins at least one week before school. Ask your children to organize their backpacks, binders, and stationeries before school starts.
  • Get Involved: If you know more about the school and different committees, it will be easier for you to be familiar with your children’s school life.
  • Talk to Professionals: If the stress is overwhelming for you or your children, you can always seek advice from professionals, such as a psychotherapist.

Good luck!

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