Thought Stopping Techniques for Obsessive Thoughts

Next time you have an obsessive thought, try these “Thought Stopping” techniques.

Picture your negative thought as being a few feet away from you. Next, imagine a stop sign popping up directly in front of you, blocking you from those negative thoughts.

Replace the thought with a completely opposite, positive one. For example, if you constantly worry about your unknown future, try thinking about what you are grateful for in the present.

Name your negative voice. Treat that negative voice as a separate identity, that exists outside of yourself. Each time you hear a negative thought, tell that person to shut up! By thinking of that voice as someone you don’t like, someone who does not support you, and who lacks the confidence you have, it becomes easy to quiet the voice.

Most importantly, track the negativity. When does it come up? What seems to prompt these feelings? Becoming aware of the negativity is the first step towards blocking it out.

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