Gratitude for Mother’s Day

Mother has different meanings for everyone. For some, the word represents someone you love, your best friend, your mentor, your guide. For others, it could mean that you dread the phone ringing, you fight constantly, or you barely speak. Mother’s Day can be especially painful if your mother has passed away, is ill, or you are estranged.

I would ask you that on this Mother’s Day, no matter what your relationship, you think of one thing, one piece of wisdom, or one lesson you have learned from your mother, and thank her for it. Whether you call or email her, or send a prayer to wherever she may be, just hold that gratitude in your heart on Sunday. Whatever your relationship with your mother, she gave you life and helped to shape who you are today.

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  1. Aspire Battery says:

    HaPpy mothers day,mummy…Hope you can hear it…Enjoy your day with my sis and bro…Sorry that i can’t be with you this year again…

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