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Overcoming the Power Struggle: Real Couple Heals Themselves and Each Other

Check out this great video. This couple has transformed their relationship using the Imago process.

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Healing Yourself and Your Partner Using the Imago Process

Imago therapy is so groundbreaking because it is a completely new way of looking about yourself, your partner and the forces that have brought you together. It teaches you how to listen, and how to finally be heard. The Imago … Continue reading

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Shifting your Perceptions of your Partner

No matter what issue is afflicting you, the most important thing is the way you view your world. How do you view your spouse? I once met with a couple, who were at their breaking point. Most of the time, … Continue reading

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Stress and Your Health

Throughout my career as a psychotherapist over the last decade, I have seen how mental health is directly linked to physical health. Stress can affect so many aspects of your physical functioning. If you experience aches and pains, you usually … Continue reading

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Recovering from Codependency

Co-dependency is an emotional and behavioural compulsion that affects your ability to maintain healthy, mutually fulfilling relationships. Codependent relationships are often one-sided, emotionally destructive and/or abusive. In such a relationship, you may feel like a caregiver, while you view your … Continue reading

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Sex Matters

If you missed my appearance last week on CP24’s Sex Matters, you can watch it at I appear in Parts 2 & 3. I loved the chance to share this amazing relationship tool. For more about having a relationship … Continue reading

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