A note to new moms: It’s gonna be hard, but you can do hard

woman-356141_1280Being pregnant with twins (and having a c-section in 4 days!) there are a lot of thoughts running through my mind. I keep having conversations with friends and family about how much more work two babies are compared to just one. I am mentally preparing for it to be hard, especially at the beginning. With two babies my husband and I will be an equal number of parents and children right away and we will be unable to “trade them off” to one another so one of us can get a break, clean up, or even prepare a sandwich. In addition, the sleep deprivation and our needs not mattering as much anymore as we attend to two little people, will all be a big adjustment.

Thinking about this also got me reflecting on my past and everything “hard” I had gone through. I reminded myself that I’ve overcome a lot and gotten through some really tough times. I thought to myself “If I persevered through hard times before, won’t I be able to do this? This is gonna be hard…but I’ve done hard, and came out the other side.” This thought was followed by a sense of confidence and trust that everything always works out. There was now room to enjoy this big life transition called new mom… of two.

I noticed that when I’m feeling nervous I start to see myself as small. The reality is that I’m not small and in fact I’ve proven my strength on many occasions in the past. Here is what I want you to do the next time you start to feel the same. As soon as you start to feel anxious think of all the things you have overcome in the past. Look for your strengths. You will begin to realize how strong you actually are. Sometimes it just takes slowing down for a minute to remember.

I also want you to make a list of the resources available to you, as a new mom. This could be a list of friends, family, community services, or books you want to read. Be specific and write them down. Then write down a list of your own strengths such as hardworking, resilient, resourceful or positive.

Keep in mind that it’s normal to be nervous since this is new territory for you. Keep the list on your phone or somewhere easy for you to access when you need it. This way any time you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious you can review the list and remember all that you’ve done and all that you have available to you.beautiful-young-1434863_1920

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6 Ways to Stop Worrying About Monday Mornings

alarm-clock-1191561_1920When your job is stressful it can be easy to spend your entire Sunday worrying about what you have to do on Monday. Some people have a hard time sleeping on Sunday night, and some spend their entire Sunday dreading the upcoming work week.

Try these 6 ways to stop worrying about Mondays:

  1. Remind yourself that what you are dreading is not actually here yet. Notice if what you are worrying about is in your control or not. If it is not something you can control, try your best to let it go. Focus instead on things that you can control, such as taking care of yourself before the work-week begins. Relish in your weekend, go to bed early, and take time to relax so you are fuelled up for the week ahead.
  2. Next think back to past Mondays and try to recall a Monday that wasn’t as bad as you expected it to be. Oftentimes we think that the start of the workweek will be stressful but the truth is most of what we worried about will either not happen or happen much more smoothly than you had anticipated.
  3. Try catching yourself when you’re worrying about Monday. When you’re worrying about work you’re giving yourself a false sense of control that you will somehow be more prepared for it. However, worrying only robs you of enjoying the moment.
  4. If you really cannot stop thinking about work, take 20 minutes out of your day and write down everything that is worrying you in a journal. When you are done writing it down close your journal and go enjoy your day.
  5. If nothing else works then try to distract yourself. Instead of sitting and watching TV, where your mind can still wander, go out and meet someone for lunch or even go shopping. You will notice once you change your environment it will be easier to think of other things, other than work.
  6. Become more aware of your body and your anxiousness. Try to notice where in your body you hold your stress: Is your chest tight? Is your stomach in knots? Next time you feel stress in that part of your body, take a deep breath and try to change your focus on something else.

There will be many upcoming Mondays in life, I hope these tools help you trust that whatever comes your way, you will be able to handle it.woman-601568_1920

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When It Comes To Love, Trust Your Gut

couple-814825_1280You may have close friends who are divorced. The current divorce rate is about 50%. Some
of my female clients have told me over the years that on their wedding day they had a gut feeling that he wasn’t the one. Often what these women say is that either they thought he would change once they were married, or they had already invested so much into the relationship and didn’t want to be judged by friends and family. I also often hear that she knew he was bad news but thought she could save him, in some way. Can you relate to any of these?

Oftentimes our intuition may be screaming at us to not do something but our thoughts and fears tell us to do it anyways. It takes a lot of practice to learn to listen to our gut and often takes making mistakes before we realize the intuitive nudges.

You may find that you’re with a man who doesn’t treat you right and isn’t the best partner but you feel like you’ll be able to help him be better. He may even tell you that he’s bad news and that he’s hurt women before you.

I believe that we attract people to us who match our view of ourselves. If there is a part of you that feels that you are worthless, you will likely find that you attract people to you that treat you that way. I have noticed some people, deep down, don’t feel that they are good enough so they subconsciously seek out partners who are dysfunctional.

There are a few things you can do to break this cycle. I suggest seeking counselling to really get to the root of this behaviour and avoid falling into the same pattern again. If you aren’t able to afford counselling right now, try journaling your thoughts and behaviours in your relationships. Take the time to notice patterns in your love life and how you could break them. You can also try talking to close friends. Speak to someone who will be honest with you and will point out patterns you may not have noticed yourself. They could even help point out red flags at the beginning of a new relationship. Change takes time, be patient with yourself. The love you deserve is coming your way. Trust the process.portrait-119851_1280

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The To-Do List Challenge

office-620817_1920I’ve noticed recently that so many of our conversations with friends, coworkers and even our partners are centered around what we need to do in the future. Even at the end of the day when you’re talking to your spouse you’re reminding each other of your to-do list. The dinner party you have planned, the laundry you have to do, the cleaning you want to get done this weekend, and on and on.

We also do it with ourselves while we drive home after a long work day – we go over in our heads the endless tasks we have to do. Instead, try to live in the fleeting moment more. Let go of fear and anxiety that everything won’t get done. It will. Next time you think of a “to do” be sure to write it down and then let it go.

Challenge yourself; order xanax cod delivery with practice it gets easier. By worrying about what you need to do you are robbing yourself of this moment and filling moments of your life with clutter. Research has shown that only living in the moment can bring you true happiness. Start with a deep inhale and an even deeper exhale. Look around the room, see what you see and hear what you hear. Feel your feet on the floor. Welcome to the moment!

Let your partner know that you are doing this challenge and have them do it with you. This way you can hold each other accountable. After a few days, notice how you feel. You’re likely to feel more grounded, feel more at peace and even be more playful in your life.hand-565588_1920

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Embracing Pregnancy

pregnant-775036_1920When a woman first hears she is pregnant there are a so many different things to think about. There are so many things that can scare you such as financial fears, the pressure on the relationship, sleep deprivation, as well as the feeling that your life is no longer yours. It’s important to not read all the pregnancy books available explaining all the scary things that could potentially happen which can just intensify your worry and make pregnancy stressful. Instead of focusing on all the fears and the potential negatives try to see it as an adventure.

Life can feel mundane, at times, with the same old thing happening everyday. When you’re pregnant, every week your body will go through more changes and every week this little baby is growing. This is a whole new ride for you and your partner, so why not take a step back and just enjoy the roller coaster. This could be the most amazing phase of your life as your body is literally creating a human being.

This process can actually make you more connected to your body as you have cheap xanax buy online no prescription another soul growing inside you. Instead of being afraid of the weight gain and the labour, try embracing the little magical moments along the way. Take time out of your day to observe the changes, slow down, b-r-e-a-t-h-e deep and connect to your body because in 9 months this phase will  be over.

Try connecting with your partner as much as you can. Read the book “Your Pregnancy Week by Week”. Instead of scaring you this book offers insight on the size of your baby, when your belly will start to show and other fun changes. You can also journal about how you are feeling, how your body is changing and the excitement you have awaiting your first reunion with your newborn. Also try meditating and relaxing as much as possible.

Connect with other new moms who are just as excited as you. Surround yourself with the people who are also embracing this beautiful stage of life. This adventure starts with quieting the “what if” voice in your mind and enjoying the many little moments until your bundle of joy arrives.


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Hello, Spring!

tulips-635263_1920As the season changes it’s always a good idea to reflect on your life. Things can sometimes become robotic and you may feel yourself repeating the same old over and over. When the seasons change, especially into spring, it’s like the fresh air is breathing new energy into your life. Restaurant patios are open, you can take walks on the lake, go roller blading, or have a picnic in the park. This is particularly welcome after a long dark winter of hibernation and feeling sluggish.

One of the first things people associate with spring is spring-cleaning. This year I suggest you to do a sort of spring-cleaning of your life. Look at any clutter you may have that you want to get rid of. It could be setting boundaries with a negative person you work with, a relationship that is no longer serving you or mustering up the courage to have a difficult conversation with someone you love.

Let this spring season of new beginnings and fresh starts motivate you to let go of habits that get in the way of your happiness. Habits such as going to bed too late or spending too much time on social media. Ask yourself, do you want the rest of your 2016 to look different? What do you have to let go of that is no longer serving you? Try to think of at least one thing xanax brand 1mg pills that you don’t want to take with you into this spring season and the rest of the year. Just like cleaning out your closet: You have to let go of old clothes to be able to bring new ones in.

Once you have removed toxic energy from your life, you will have a renewed sense of peace and vibrance. It’s important to decide what you want to do with this renewed positive energy. Often people try to find happiness in striving for a new car or that house or that relationship. Instead try to think about how you want to feel and focus on that and then do things that will bring that feeling to you. So if you want to feel joyous and energetic try doing activities that you know will create those feelings. For some, doing a weekly yoga class or a daily walk in nature can provide these feelings.

Whatever you choose to let go of and whatever you choose to let in this spring, be intentional. The time is going by quickly, it’s already May. Slow down enough and think about what you really want your life to look like. How do you want to feel? Hold an intention of how you want this season to look. Then be open to all the goodness that comes your way! Here’s to fresh starts and new beginnings! Happy Spring!


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How Much Do You Invest In Your Marriage?

couple-260899_1280Research has shown that half of divorces happen in the first 7 years of marriage, this means if you are married longer than 7 years you are half as likely to get divorced. Research also shows that people who stay in an unhappy marriage are less physically healthy due to the unhappy relationship: Their nervous systems are constantly aroused and always under stress. Additionally, happy couples are likely to live approximately 4 years longer, on average, than those who are not.

For the most part, people take advantage of their relationships until things start going bad. Instead, try to notice if you’re happy and do the things in your relationship that will keep you happy. According to the work of Dr. John Gottman, the health benefits of a satisfying relationship are so high that if a health buff took 10% of the energy they use to do a workout and commit it to their marriage instead they would be 3 times healthier. This means committing just 20 minutes a day to your spouse has vast benefits.

It’s important to note that every couple fights, whether they are happy or unhappy. Even couples that have been happily together for 45 years still have the same typical arguments about money, in-laws and sex. The difference is that happy couples fight more fairly and know when to let it go and say sorry.

One thing that can really make a difference to your relationship is to be interested in your partner’s daily life, try asking what’s worrying them and what’s exciting them. Just try to always have a really good idea of who they are and how their life is going. The underlying friendship that results from these conversations will help you handle arguments with more ease. This is because you have a fondness for the other person and will take arguments less personally. Take a moment to reflect on how much you have invested in your relationship lately. Commit tonight to turning off your phone and the TV. Snuggle up to your partner and enjoy a meaningful conversation.wedding-443600_1280

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6 Things To Do Instead of Social Media

flower-731300_1920So many of us are guilty of spending our downtime by mindlessly scrolling Instagram or other social media websites. There are, of course, endless posts that you can browse and so many things to see online. While this can be an easy way to pass the time, it’s not always conducive to happiness. Instead of wasting time on Facebook or Twitter, try one of these 6 things instead.

  1. Take a walk outside. Get out into the brisk fresh air. Breathe it in, feel your feet on the ground. Notice nature around you. If it’s not around you, go find it. Leave your phone at home. You will be unreachable for an hour, and you will love it.
  2. Pick up the phone and call a friend. Call someone who you haven’t spoken to in a while. Life can be so busy and most of the time we’re tired. Instead of spending downtime by sitting on Facebook, which can often leave you feeling more tired, connect with someone who uplifts you. The fulfillment you get from connecting with a good friend will leave you feeling more energized than you were.
  3. Run a bubble bath. Provide yourself with a candle lit oasis. Use epsom salts, dim the lights and play some soul soothing music. Turn your phone off and bask in the stillness of it all. Ponder life and focus on what makes you happy and what you could change to be happier. This can also be a great best xanax comparison time to do a facemask or a conditioning treatment to your hair. Nourish you.
  4. Do your nails. Play your favorite music, turn off your computer and phone. Invest in yourself for a few moments by painting your nails. You’ll feel great afterwards.
  5. Clean areas that haven’t been clean in a while. Go into your storage closet or garage and throw out everything that you don’t need or use anymore. You can do this with your junk drawers too. There’s really something to be said for purging the old and doing those things you always procrastinate doing.
  6. Write down your to-do list for the week. Rather than numb yourself on Facebook, take a look at your upcoming week. Schedule everything you have to do in your phone calendar. Then take a look at the free time you’ll have and see if you can make it to a yoga class or a zumba class. The idea is to schedule in activities that will make you happy.

Often when we’re bored or have some free time the easiest thing to do is sit on Instragram to kill time. Some may even be guilty of spending hours sitting on social media. Notice the way you feel after spending time on Facebook and then notice how much better you feel after trying out one of these suggestions. You will feel more fulfilled and have more energy.urban-438393_1920

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Do you put off your happiness?

mother-429158_1920Everyone has that one thing that they are working towards which they think will make them happy. This could be something like buying a new house or a new car or a promotion. It’s interesting because what we do to achieve this goal is often actually draining us of our happiness until we get there. We spend hours and hours working and doing all we can to reach this goal and say to yourself “I will only work this hard until I can afford that house or car or get that promotion”. What’s interesting is once you get that material object it’s never what you think it would be.

The problem with material goals is that the happiness that comes with it wears off because as a human you will habituate to the new car or new house. And once you put all those hours in to get that bigger house you will never be able to get all those years back. You’ll never be able to nurture your relationships or your soul but you’ll have that bigger house.

The truth is that most of us know deep down what would make us happier immediately and it’s probably something along the lines of working less, enjoying more time with loved ones and experiencing new things. This is a really hard decision to make but if you do decide to stop working overtime, you will feel immediate happiness and freedom.

Here is something to keep in mind when making this type of decision. Everyday people everywhere worry that they will never be successful and that they won’t be able to afford what they want or experience what they want. Always remember that the millionaires in the world, the people who are considered “ highly successful” are just as worried that they will lose it all. This means they are just as worried to lose it, as you are worried to never get it.holiday-house-177401_1920

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6 Ways to Worry Less


sunglasses-635269_1920If you feel like you are always worrying it’s important to remember that everyone worries, however some people do have a tendency to worry more than others. The one thing I’ve noticed, as a therapist, is that anxiety has a lot to do with worrying about the future. If you fall in the category of constant worry these tips could really help you out.

  1. Embrace reality. Realize that worry is a part of life and you will never stop worrying completely. That being said it is possible to bring your worry down from a 10 out of 10 to a 4 or a 5. Using these tips and seeking help from a therapist are a great place to start.
  2. Use cognitive distractions. If you are having a really hard time letting go of worry for an upcoming event, it’s important to use distractions that will actively take your mind off it. Watching TV can sometimes work but instead try something that you need to focus on like putting extra hours in at work. This will keep your mind working and stop you from thinking about what’s coming up. This is a short-term solution, as eventually you will have to feel your feelings and work through them.
  3. Use a journal. It’s impossible and unhealthy, to distract yourself from your worries forever. In times when you are not actively distracting yourself, be sure to let it out, cry if you need to and keep a journal. When you’re journaling, be sure to write out your emotions clearly: Write things like “I feel sad and I want to cry” or “I’m angry and feel like screaming”.
  4. Call a supportive friend. Often when you’re worried about something you will play it over in your head and blow it out of proportion. By calling a friend who is supportive they will help to ground you, they will also remind you what you have been through and that you’re strong and can get through this.
  5. Remind yourself you can handle it. When you are going through something difficult, it’s easy to forget what you have overcome in the past. Oftentimes it’s not the event you’re worried about but it’s your doubt in your ability to overcome the event that makes you stressed. So next time you’re worried about something think back to all that you have overcome and remind yourself that you will get through this.
  6. See a psychotherapist. If your worrying is becoming unbearable it could be what we call catastrophizing, or seeing a situation as far worse than it is. Anxiety is actually a learned response and is often caused by past events not going as you planned. Maybe you felt unsafe or you were left behind so your mind is now trying to protect you but really it’s making things worse.

Worrying is a part of life but that doesn’t mean it needs to consume you. Next time you find yourself worrying too much, try one of these tips. If you find your constant worry is taking over your life, seek out professional help. A few sessions with a psychotherapist can really make a difference.girl-593194_1920

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